Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Things I would fix

If I were to fix my game's rules (a third time), there are a few things I would like to do.

-Although the element of control has been added to my game, it now lacks an element of surprise (safe for the surprise of having your opponent try to take over your square). I think I would like to reintroduce some kind of "t-zone" surprise element like I had in my original rule re-make. However I believe that would take me some time to figure out...
-Aesthetically I received some feedback indicating my existing board did not play nicely with my second re-make of the rules. If I were to redo this game I would (nicely) add a 6th column and now worry about colouring in the rows. Also, I would try designing something nicer for the player cards.
-Some more feedback I received was how fast my game was. Although it was looked at in a positive light by the playtesters, I feel I would like to add some elements to prologue the game playing experience. Perhaps making the game up to 4 players, making the board larger and adding more playing cards would create a longer and more interesting game.

I feel I would have a lot to think about in order to make these changes possible and to make a smooth game playing experience.

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