Saturday, October 29, 2011


The changes I want to make for my game are the following:

- Create a new board
I want to redesign my board so it is no longer a 4x5 grid but a 5x5 grid. The rows will be labeled 1-5 and so will the columns. Ideally I want each row to have its own colour according to number, with the columns having the same colour order (ie 1 = red, 2 = blue etc). The "t" section in the middle of the grid (row 3 and column 3) must have a very special, stand-out colour as it is important (and must look it)!

- I want to add control to my game via changing the dice roll mechanic.
I want to use a D6 instead of a D20. My idea is that the player will roll a D6, if they roll an even number (2, 4 or 6) they may place their card on any square which intersects an even row/column. Similarly with an odd roll; if players roll 1 or 5 they may place their card on any square which intersects an odd row/column. However, a player may only place their card anywhere in the special 't' area(row 3 column 3) of the grid if they roll a 3. Other wise their cards may not enter this area.

- Add a mechanic where players can challenge, and potentially take over, another player's square.
In my original rules I had indicated that players may overlap their opponent's card should they roll an occupied square number on the D20. This did not really go over well as it did not allow the opponent any chance to protect their area. So, with the new mechanic of choice/control over where a player may place their card, the opponent should have the choice to protect their occupied squares if necessary. If a player tries to take over their opponent's square, both players must roll a d6. The highest roll is the winner and may take over the square, should the loser be the previous occupant of the square, they must remove their card.

- Clariying the Wild Cards
In my first draft of the rules I indicated that wild cards on the board may be considered either Xs or Os. That made perfect sense to me, however it did not to my players. So I must clarify any misconceptions. I want the wild cards to be much like the Free space on a bingo card. Any wild card on the board may be used by either the X player or the O player in order to complete a line up of their cards.

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