Saturday, October 29, 2011


As apart of our rapid prototype report we were given an outline of what is expected in our report.
According to the outline it was expected that we recreate/edit our rules/board and playtest before we look into survey questions we would like to ask.
However I feel compelled to research different answers I would like to find out from my playtest and create a survey first.

After some research and consideration I would be interested in learning some of the following things about my game:
Do men and women play my game differently?
Does each player have a different goal? Strategy?
Do players understand how to play?
Do players want to play multiple times? Why?
Do the players ever get bored? Confused? Frustrated?
Do the players like the look of the game?

There may be more questions added to this list, but for now this is what I am excited to learn!
Now to create a survey!

General Info

The Game Experience
What was your first impression of the game based on design?
What was your expectations for the game? Were you surprised? Disappointed?
Were the rules straight forward?
What was your goal for the game?
What was your strategy to achieve your goal?
Did you feel your strategy helped?
Was the game play too slow? Too fast?
Did you find the game boring?
Was the game play tedious?
Would you play this game again?
What was your favourite part of the game?
What was your least favourite part of them game?
Do you have any additional comments?

Hopefully this survey will provide me with the information I am looking for!

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