Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Game Rules

After millennia of abusing their home, the various alien people of the planet Echo-Tango must leave the barren wasteland they created.In order to survive, the Echo-Tangoans must find new sources of food and, ideally, a new planet to call home.
Along with an infertile planet, the aliens also leave behind any peaceful relationships they had with their fellow Echo-Tangoans. An unspoken "Every species for themselves" attitude is adopted as all of the alien people board their own space ship and race to the planet Delta-Kilo, where they can start a new life.
Delta-Kilo is known to be a vastly empty planet with no animals and no plants. In spite of this, fertile soil covers the land and the freshest of waters fill its lakes and rivers. It is the ideal new home for the people of Echo-Tango, however before they may settle on Delta-Kilo they must collect seeds and livestock so that they may have food to survive.
Unfortunately the planet Delta-Kilo is not as big as Echo-Tango, there is only enough room for one alien species to start a new civilization; and so the race begins to collect resources, save their population and hopefully make it to Delta-Kilo. Other aliens may not make it to Delta-Kilo, but if they have enough food and people, they may survive, homeless, living among the stars.

Goal of the Game:
Win the game by having the highest survival score by collecting resources and saving your population.
Population tokens are worth 3 points.
Seed tokens are worth 2 points.
Livestock tokens are worth 1 point.

The player who finishes the game by landing on Delta-Kilo gets an additional +8 added to their survival score.

Game Rules:
Number of players: 2-6
Age: 10+

1) Each player selects a spaceship token as their playing piece. They are then given 10 population tokens, (one token represent 1 billion of the aliens in their spaceship, indicating each race has 10 billion people). The player places the spaceship on Echo-Tango, the starting block, and keeps the 10 population tokens in a pile to their right.

2) Each player rolls a six sided die- highest number plays first, clockwise from the highest number plays next.

3) A d6 is rolled to indicate how many places on the playing board a player may move their spaceship. Each player can only move forward.
a) Should two spaceships land on the same space, the two alien races must battle!
Both players roll a d6, the highest roller is the winner. The loser must discard a population token indicating they have lost 1 billion of their people.
b) Should additional spaceships land on the same block the winner of the previous battle must roll and battle the newcomer.

4) If a player's spaceship lands on a planet they must roll a d6 to decide if they will attack the planet (roll an odd number) or leave peacefully (roll an even number).
a) If the player rolls an odd number and attacks the planet they must again, roll the d6.
i) If they roll a 3 or less they lost the battle against the planet's population and must discard a population token.
ii) If they roll a 4 or higher they win the battle- defeating 1 (billion) of the planet's population. In order to win the war the player must eliminate the entire planet's population (i.e. roll 4 or higher for however many 1 (billion) aliens are on the planet). -If the player wins and destroys the entire population of the planet, they win the planet's resources and may collect its Livestock [L] and Seeds [S].
iii) If a player loses a battle against a planet they can chose to retreat (wait for their next turn to roll again and continue on the game board) or they can chose to fight again. They may keep fighting until they defeat the planet, lose all of their population tokens (at which point they are out of the game) or until they chose to stop.
b)If the player rolls an even number- indicating they leave the planet peacefully, they receive 1 Seed token as a gift from the planet. This seed does not come off of the planet's resources.
c) A planet's population and resources refresh back to their full capacity after one full turn (considered a span of 10 years).

5) Along the board a player may land on a star, at this point the player must pick up a "star card".
a) A player who picks up a Star card must take it from the top of the pile. They then must follow the card's directions then discard it into the discard pile.

6) The game is over once a player lands on Delta-Kilo.
a) An exact number must be rolled in order to land on Delta-Kilo. If a higher number, than the required steps to get to the planet is rolled, the player must back-track the remaining number.
b) A player who lands on Delta-Kilo does not necessarily win. They gain an additional 8 points added to their survivabilty score, but the alien race with the highest survival score is the winner.

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