Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Game Board

One of the tips to make my game better was to make my game board and game pieces fit the space theme better.

And so I exchanged my old square playing board for a more organic, circular, orbit-inspired one.

With the game pieces I changed the old crappy space ships into more colourful spaceships that can stand on the board.
The "L" Livestock tokens were made more lively with alien-looking cows.
The "S" Seed tokens now have an illustrated, blooming seed and the "P" Population tokens now sport an alien's face.
The Star cards also got a make-over, from being plain pieces of paper to being decorated blue cards with yellow stars.

I'm quite pleased, I feel that the game feels more unified now that the pieces are more interesting and theme-oriented.
However, if I had enough time/markers I would have liked to coloured in the game board with a space-like background with coloured planets.

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