Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rapid Prototype report 2

I had a difficult time deciding which rapid prototype I would focus on for the second report.
It was between my tic tac toe game and my Norse explorers game.
In the end Tic tac toe won.

Here are some photos of what my original board/pieces/rules looked like:

Game Board

Playing Pieces

Original Rules

The original rules say:
-Players = 2
-Players are given a deck of cards (either X or O with some wild cards)
-a D20 is rolled to decide who plays first (Highest # rolled wins)
-Players roll D20 to decide where their card is to be placed
-Each square is numbered, the numbered rolled indicates which square the card goes on (face up)
-Cards may be overlapped by opponents
-Players cannot overlap their own cards. If they roll a number of a square that is already occupied by their own card, they must roll again.
-Goal = Line up 4 cards in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagnol)
-Wild cards act as free cards, they may be considered Xs or Os

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