Monday, October 10, 2011


For the first playtest of my game it was revealed to me just how much I needed to fix.

Here are some of the notes I took as I watched helplessly upon my game in action:
-Give a brief back story
-Explain population tokens are Aliens
-Indicate who starts- the invitation to play
-Begin at START
-Play with a 6 sided die
-Pick up card from top of pile-- Discard after use
-Defeat the planet by rolling a d6 - 3 or less means loss
- 4 or higher means win!
-Follow along game board-track
-Once alien population has been destroyed and resources collected do they come back?
-Can player leave occupied planets peacefully?
-If they leave peacefully can they still obtain resources?
-More population cards for game use
-Create discard pile for population tokens
-Players cannot steal other player's resources
-Can players battle other players if they land on the same block?
-Easier to keep track of points better
-Age range?
-Create better aesthetics

When recreating the rules and the game play and I seriously considered each of these problems and hopefully I found a way to fix them.

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