Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tic Tac Toe Critiques

The way I intended my tic tac toe game (titled "Xtreme Xs & Os") to play out was much different than the way it did.
I expected the mechanic, where the player rolls a D20 to determine where they place their card, would be interesting and exciting as it is full of surprises (as we learned from our text, humans like surprises). However, in this instance there may have been a few surprises too many as the players had no control over the game what-so-ever. I understand how this must have been a pain as it required no skill, no judgement, no thought. With this lack of control the game went by with little to no fun and no bragging rights as it was all chance.

During the playtest of my tic tac toe game, I received the following critiques:
-Clarify the use of Wild Cards in the rules
-Challenge players cards (ex// if an X card is on square #5 and the O player rolls a #5 maybe they can fight for the spot)
-Game is all chance- add some control elements
-Roll evens or odds (ex// If odd is rolled a player may chose to put their card on any intersecting square of an odd # row and odd # column)
-Redesign the game board so the third row/column stands out. This cross-zone would require a special roll (perhaps a 3 or a multiple of 3?) to have any cards placed on it

With these critiques in mind I plan to rewrite my rules and redesign my board to make it more appealing.
My main goal for rewriting the rules is to incorporate some control into this game... especially since I advertised it as "A Tic Tac Toe game that's all about Tac Tics!"

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